Liberty5 Baking Company

High Quality Artisan Gluten Free breads (and occasionally sweet treats) for perspicacious palates

Liberty5 Baking Company believes that Gluten Free Bread should be a joy, not a punishment for gluten intolerance.
Our goal is to make amazing bread, that just happens to be gluten free.

We are local to Santa Rosa, California, and to represent that, our name is derived from the
historic Santa Rosa telephone exchange prefix, LI-berty5, now 545, as in 545-####.

It is also symbolic of the way our bread liberates our customers from gluten without compromising taste and quality.

Our breads are presently available at our booth at the West End Farmer's Market, (Sundays from 10-2 on Donahue Street, Near the Historic DeTurk Round Barn), and occasionally via the storefront of another
local business that we adore,
Criminal Baking Company
, at 463 Sebastopol Ave., Santa Rosa in the South OF A district.

We also supply wholesale needs to local shops and restaurants.

If you would like to contact us for more information, pricing, products, or to say hello, please email us at:

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